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Our Focus on Craftsmanship

Ted Doudak is the founder and President/CEO of Riva. Over the course of two decades, Ted and the Riva team have built a world-class manufacturing firm that specializes in high reliability and consistency for the world’s leading jewelry retailers. At Riva, our focus is to complement artisan quality with advanced manufacturing excellence through personalized attention. Our focus on detail and production has placed us in a unique position to serve our customers with a vertically integrated manufacturing process and capability under one roof. This efficiency allows us to ensure maximum quality throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our Legacy of Elegance

Unlike most corporations, our mission is clear and our vision is simple. At Riva, our mission is to honor God through our Service, Process and Product Excellence. Our vision is to become the leader in every industry we pursue while serving our customers, suppliers and employees; we cannot achieve our vision without attention to everyone that pays attention to us. It is this kind of relationship that has kept us as the leading manufacturing partner of choice. In order to provide excellent service and flawless execution we know we must understand and anticipate our customer’s needs and concerns. We will hear you because we are listening.

Our Core Belief

Perhaps the greatest challenge anyone struggles with is the ability to serve someone else as effectively as they tend to themselves. At Riva, we seek to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and service because every customer is important to us. Every customer deserves personalized attention from the beginning of manufacturing till the very end; our reliable and consistent manufacturing process is located all under one roof ensuring excellence of quality and service.

Our Responsibility to You

Riva has made a commitment to do its part to conserve our natural resources. Water is our most precious resource so we take care to remove impurities and metal byproducts by filtering the water we use before releasing it back to our community. Our desire is to preserve and protect what we have been given so that future generations can enjoy what we do today. We are careful to monitor our environmental impact by using energy efficient lighting, reducing our energy consumption during working hours and ongoing performance maintenance of our machinery to ensure optimal output without waste in order to reduce carbon emissions and our carbon footprint. Because we answer to a higher authority (the Creator), we are committed to following the Golden Rule so we'll never buy products (precious metals, gems, etc.) from sources we do not know or trust nor will we create work conditions that deprive our team members of human dignity or a safe environment. And we will never compromise ourselves for a shortcut.

“In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”

Matthew 7:12

Core Benefits


Our efforts to preserve and protect your trust are essential because we want to earn and deserve your trust now and in the future. We believe that great business is achieved together by being up front and continually striving for excellence. As an extension of your business, we want to build a solid foundation that will result in a long-lasting relationship.


From the first stages of conception all the way through the last steps of production, we will guide you through the operation that occurs under our one roof. Using the best technology available and a refined process that ensures reliability and consistency, our desire is to continually improve so that you can benefit from our world-class manufacturing expertise without compromise.


We are not just experienced; we are tested and proven! We grew up in the jewelry trade, working with different designers over numerous collections and varying volumes with demanding deadlines. We take pride in our experience, our process and our industry-leading knowledge. Decades of invaluable experience are reflected in your collection when you work with us.

Riva’s Capabilities

Being an integrated manufacturer signifies a commitment to ensuring ongoing investments and pursuit of excellence for your benefit. Each link below describes the capabilities that the Riva team has developed in our operations to support your next collection or design.

Working with your ideas, we can transform concepts into reliable and repeatable designs.

A design comes to life at Riva when our product development capabilities are invited to join your next idea. By working with your concepts, we transform them into reliable and consistent designs that will satisfy you and your customers. We take all the complexities of manufacturing, quality and process management and turn them into stunning works of art fit for a global market.

We have perfected the skill of casting through our expert knowledge and facilities.

While casting hasn’t changed much since it was invented, we have sharpened the process by using knowledge and skills from other world-class industries and procedures. Our focus is on continuous improvement so we can bring you a product that is consistent and reliable. This is one reason our customers are delighted with the finished product; we continually strive to give you the best product we possibly can!

The ability to bend, form, shape and cut metals into stunning designs is what metal fabrication is all about.

Imagine being able to mold and shape metals into art with a business partner who thinks like you do! Knowing the intricacies and nuisances of precious metals has been our stock-in-trade for over two decades. We look forward to joining our knowledge with your next design ideas.

The ability to fabricate our own tools and dies sets us apart.

Being able to fabricate your own tools to meet deadlines is one thing. Having in-house expertise to ensure that it’s done right the first time is another! We have the ability to fabricate our own tools and dies, setting us apart from others. This capability allows us to be exceptionally responsive to your demanding schedules without compromising quality.

Our stamping capability provides attention to the details.

Our stamping capability, when combined with all of our other abilities, provides an integrated approach to jewelry design and production. Whether it's a pendant or something else, the Riva team pays attention to the details so that you can pay attention to what matters most: advancing your artistry to a market ready to receive quality!

Our fine jewelry capabilities begin with masters of the trade and end with delight!

This capability requires a marriage of numerous skills like setting and polishing, but fine jewelry is more than a collection of functions; it is high caliber skill with a dedication to beauty. Our refined experience comes about only one way we have earned it over time. The entire Riva team is committed to demonstrating our capabilities in this area with each customer, personally and professionally.

Setting is a discipline that represents meticulous care, patience and craftsmanship.

Working with various metals and employing various setting techniques, our team of setters work meticulously to enhance your designs ensuring a beautiful finished work. We constantly enhance and refine this specific skill set during both peak and non-peak times to ensure consistent quality for you and your end customers.

The look and feel of jewelry is what captures our hearts.

Having the finish and the luster of wearable art is simply the evidence of a number of processes executed well. Finishing is about attention to aesthetic detail combined with the discipline of ongoing skills and safety training. This focus ensures you receive a world-class product for a global marketplace.

We design quality into our process to ensure that a product meets or exceeds expectations.

Consistency and reliability are at the core of quality control. Because quality is a part of our process, we are continually pursuing improvement. This could very well be why the world’s most demanding customers choose to work with us. Everyone who works with Riva benefits from our industry-leading experience and commitment to excellence in all that we do.

We are always one step ahead of the industry. We set the standard.

Hallmarking, etching and other requirements for identification have only increased in demand over the years. Fortunately, we have always stayed one step ahead of the industry through the incorporation of robotics and advanced laser technology. Personalization, identification or any other form retains its elegance without compromise. We invite you to explore this capability with us!

Enhance your collection with our ability to enamel your collection.

Enameling can complement fine jewelry and enhance any artisan’s collection, but it takes immense knowledge to know when, where and how to apply the various forms of enamel in an optimal manner. This is something that comes through years of experience. Come and see how our enameling capability can enhance your designs.

Another capability we can take care of is chain manufacturing.

Our chain manufacturing capabilities are unique because they can enhance your fine jewelry concepts without having to be sent elsewhere. Riva handles it all in house. We take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a consistent process to deliver the final product. Our chains will be sure to complement your collections without compromising beauty and finesse.

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Meet The Riva Jewelry Team

Product Development

The Riva product development team takes your ideas whether they are on paper, a computer or through a mold/sample to create a consistent product for manufacturing. The product development team works with you to optimize how your designs were produced in the past to ensure an excellent product going forward.


Jewelry making meets the twenty-first century with our CNC team. Using state-of-the-art technology, such as advanced CAD and robotics, our CNC team works with designers to develop product fabrication techniques that would be impossible using traditional methods.

Casting & Injection Molding

The Riva Casting & Injection Molding team utilizes best-in-class concepts from diverse industries to bring your designs from mold to production. Using the expertise gained over the years, the team ensures quality throughout the process, delivering a highly consistent end product.

Tool, Die & Metal Fabrication

Riva Precision's team of tool & die makers, metal fabricators and stamping experts can transform metal by shaping it, cutting it and forming it to meet your aesthetic needs. This team is just one of many Riva teams that work together to bring the highest quality to market.

Fine Jewelry

The Riva jewelry team consists of artisans experienced in bringing your designs to production. The jewelry team works very closely with our product development team to ensure that your exact design requirements are reproduced without compromise.


Riva’s team of advanced setters are experienced in using microscopes and other technologies to provide advanced setting capabilities including prong, bezel, pave and micro pave while working with all types of precious metals.

Mass Finishing

Whether it is tumbling, electroplating or polishing, the Riva mass finishing team is stocked with experienced professionals to ensure a finished product that is best in class.

Quality Control

The quality control team is focused on continuous improvement. Attention is paid to refining Riva's processes and procedures to ensure that customer designs are produced reliably and consistently. The Riva quality control team is in the process of obtaining ISO approval for Riva's systems. For those new to ISO, this is a global quality standard that applies to various industries like electronics, automotive and aerospace. Needless to say, Riva caters to a global market so its only fitting Riva has a global standard as a benchmark.


Our team of skilled engravers can provide unique hallmarking capabilities by using state-of-the-art laser technology, while still preserving old-world charm and elegance.


Our enameling team applies their expertise when modifying various jewelry designs by keeping an eye towards aesthetic charm and guaranteeing timeless quality.

Chain Manufacturing

Our chain manufacturing team provides an in-house capability seldom seen by manufacturers. Our chain team can modify your special designs with ease and integration by accenting pendants on other creations with a complimentary presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I know if there will be a good fit between my company and Riva?

    We encourage new clients to submit a short survey form that will describe your business, your prior experience in jewelry design and production, why you are looking for a jewelry manufacturer and what your future hopes and aspirations are. This helps us get to know you and your production needs. 

    Of course, it helps if you are a member of Jewelers Board of Trade in good standing, have recommendations from trade associations like the MJSA or have other trade references that you’ve done business with for at least three years.

  • How long does it take to transform my ideas into an actual product I can see and hold?

    Depending on what you have to start with, the process can vary from four to eight weeks.

    For example, if you have computer automated design (CAD) files, the process can run quicker than just having a sketch. With our imaging technology, we can even take your samples and transform them into CAD files to produce synthetic models using the latest in 3D-printing technology.

    Depending on the volume of the collection, we will also work with you to develop economical tooling solutions for production.

  • Why should I do business with Riva instead of an overseas subcontractor?

    While some overseas manufacturers compete on price, we aren't looking to win the lowest price contest. 

    If pricing is the primary factor in making a decision about a reliable business partner, we are probably not the business partner for you. However, if you desire an experienced trade partner that understands the US market and that will work with you, communicate in a timely and effective manner and work through the challenges that are sure to come, perhaps we will be the best business partner for the long run.

    Relationships matter to us, so if you share the same approach to business, we should talk and then roll up our sleeves and produce some excellent designs.

  • Why did Riva integrate everything under one roof?

    For over 20 years, we have been listening to our customers’ needs while anticipating the changing needs of the marketplace. We found that our customers appreciate the level of integration we provide because they spend less time managing logistics and subcontractors and more time capitalizing on their strengths: creative design and merchandising. 

    Having a highly integrated operation allows us to be more responsive to our customers. All of our processes can be managed quickly and efficiently because every team member is in close proximity to one another. Integration reduces the environmental footprint and, as God’s stewards, we are here to create a company that looks forward to future generations.

  • I’m just starting out. What advice can you give me?

    As a new entrant into the jewelry marketplace, we would suggest getting familiar with various trade publications like JCK, and consider attending a few trade events & conferences like the MJSA shows and/or the JA shows.  

    Becoming a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade is also recommended for established businesses.  

    Also, the Gemological Institute of America is an excellent resource for learning and continual education.

    Perhaps the best advice to follow is to always keep learning and applying what you learn and passing it on!

  • How do I keep up to date on all the developments going on at Riva?

    You can join our mailing list, follow us on various social media platforms or simply send us an email.

    As a leading edge manufacturer, Riva is constantly investing in our people and in equipment/technology; usually, the latest news will come in the form of a LinkedIn post or a Tweet!

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